I recently bought a set of Willans Silverstone harnesses and a 'Spyder' harness bar from Race-speed. As I had to remove the speaker pods to fit the harness bar I decided to change the speakers to the better Kenwood ones I had in my previous Elise.




Having removed the seats, the inertia reel seatbelts and the speaker pods, I fitted the Spyder Harness bar. This is held in with a bolt on each end.......

  ......which screws into a weld nut which is already there.

The picture above shows the speaker pods when removed. These are held in with Velcro, the inertia reel seatbelt reel and a small screw just behind the roll-bar.




The Spyder bar allows the speaker pods to be kept, now with new improved speakers fitted :o)


The Spyder bar uses bolt in connections for the Harness. I also decided to fit the better Willans Silverstone which has a better release for the shoulder straps. Also, while I removed the inertia reel on the drivers side I left it fitted for the passenger.


The harnesses fitted with the seats. I made the decision to fit the lap belts in the original seat-belt mounts as I believe they are good enough. Also anything I do to the car I make sure that it can be returned to standard without too much work.





The Willans Silverstone Harness