Bit of a rough and ready page which I'll sort out eventually. This is a list/link to all the in-car videos I have taken over the last few years.
  Nuerburgring (D) 20-23rd Sept 2002 Clear lap  
  Nuerburgring (D) 20-23rd Sept 2002 Traffic M3's, pah!!!
  Mettet(B) 23rd Sept 2002 Public road circuit  
  Chimay (B) 23rd Sept 2002 Public road circuit not a full lap (local police)
  Brands Indy 27th Feb 2003 SELOC day  
  Brands Indy 27th Feb 2003 SELOC day Rearwards for 1.5 laps
  Folembray (F) 1st March 2003 SELOC Day  
  Rockingham 14th March 2003 EasyTrack Day  
  Bedford 5th May 2003 SELOC Day  
  Bruntingthorpe 6th June 2003 EasyTrack Day  
  Goodwood 20th June 2003 SELOC Day  
  Lydden Hill 21st June 2003 SEMSEC Sprint 3rd in Class
  Croix-en-Ternois (F) 4th July 2003 SELOC FF3
  Folembray (F) 5th July 2003 SELOC FF3
  Donington National 25th August 2003 Trackzone/SELOC  
  Brands Hatch GP 2nd September 2003 SELOC  
  Spa Francorchamps 29th September 2003 AutoTrack/EasyTrack  
  Mallory Park 8th November 2003 SELOC  
  North Weald 15th February 2004 SELOC Sprint  
  Zandvoort 1st July 2004 SELOC Catching S2 Exige
  Anglesey 11th March 2005 Lotus-On-Track Oops at the end
  Abbeville (F) 22nd April 2005 Lotus-On-Track +fun at end
  Oulton Park 7th May 2005 LOT/EasyTrack  
  Nuerburgring 20-23rd Sept 2002 Overtaken by a very fast Porsche 911
  Nuerburgring 20-23rd Sept 2002 Following a Viper GT car briefly.
  Brands Indy 27th Feb 2003 Paddock Hill spinner in front
  Folembray 1st March 2003 Ooops
  Rockingham 14th March Spinner in Front
  Rockingham 14th March 2003 Ooops
  Donington 25th August 2003 MX-5 leaves braking late
  Spa 29th September 2003 A few interesting overtakes and others
  Mallory Park 8th November 2003 Flames from ajk's exhaust.